Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the unique world of the true values, the world of the art created by hands, with a history of more than 200 years.

If you asked why we decided to go into this business in Singapore, the answer would be surprisingly simple - First time we visited Singapore as tourists, a few years later we decided to return here with a very real purpose to provide a decent education for our children. So, we decided to set up a business and sell the products we are fond of. Every item in our boutique is unique and has its own history, and we are ready to tell you when and how a particular decor emerged, why it looks like this, and what person it is connected with. We are glad that our children know what Herend porcelain and Moser crystal are, and it was they who choose Robber & Berking silverware for themselves! We are proud that we can offer you the products the royal and imperial families, presidents and world celebrities use. We are proud to offer you the well-known European brands which are associated with luxury, style, sophistication and the top quality. But their main value is that each product is made by the skillful hands of the master, and therefore it is unique and inimitable in its style. Be it a tea set made of the thinnest Hungarian Herend porcelain, an exquisite crystal glass decorated with real gold by the Czech factory Moser or silver tableware by a well-known German company Robber & Berking. We are sure that your feelings and sensations will be extraordinary, these products will be not only yours but they will also be inherited by your children and grandchildren as a family relic! Time-tested, perfect luxury for true connoisseurs.

Dear Friends!

Singapore Company “BLUE DUNA Pte.Ltd.” specializes in importing fine delicacies and premium products only from the trusted manufacturers. We are the authorized dealers of Aquaculture - growing sturgeon and black caviar. Our company is the official partner of the world's largest factory for the production of handmade porcelain "Herend" in Singapore. All products, which our company is importing into Singapore, strictly conform with local regulations and provided with all necessary documentation. All the products we are offering are manufactured in accordance with the technological norms and rules of an international level. But the most important thing that distinguishes our products is the great love of our suppliers to their “child” – their business, to the fact that they produce with their own hands!

Try it - and see for yourself!