High quality delicious black caviar

The smooth and natural taste and size of roe coming from sturgeon bred in such water greatly exceeds the features of roe coming from the fish kept in natural waters. The mineral contents of this geothermal water, which are irreplacable by means of natural waters, create such a quality of caviar made from roe that is likewise very unique.


You’d heard so much about it, this mysterious luxury: tiny black pearls so exquisite in flavor and texture. Then, you tasted it. And there it was: salty and fishy, a little black mound on a little fat pancake with some sour creamy spread. You thought to yourself, is this it? Surely, few people fall for caviar upon first bite. It takes those second, third and fourth bites to get it. Then, it’s like, Woah, where have you been all my life!

In Persian the word "caviar" means "bear eggs". It comes from sturgeon, a mysterious fresh-water fish, which originates from the stone age. Out of 27 kinds of sturgeon fish, only three are really valued for their caviar: Beluga is the largest of sturgeon fishes, and its caviar is also the largest. Beluga can weigh as much as 2,000 pounds and live as long as 100 years. The most rare and expensive beluga's caviar is appreciated for the size and buttery taste of the caviar grains. Sturgeon, whose caviar is a little less in size than beluga's.

Caviar History

sturgeonSturgeon fish lived on Earth since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the remains found their cartilaginous skeletons. Surprisingly, their appearance has not changed since the Jurassic period (180 million years BC), from the time of the dinosaurs. A testament to the fact that sturgeon hunted in ancient times, serve as museum exhibits archaic tools - fishing hooks specific to the fishery. Mention of sturgeons in the ancient chronicles, the image of sturgeon in the figures of Egyptian bas-reliefs of temples and Roman mosaics indicates how high even in those days was worth the fish man.

Salted roe of sturgeon was first mentioned in the III century BC in the annals of Greek as a popular Greek delicacy. Caviar specially brought from the Black Sea for the then inhabited Alexandria citizens. Later, during the wars with Carthage, caviar tasted and appreciated by the Romans. However, with the fall of ancient empires of caviar in the West was forgotten until the XIV century.

In the Middle Ages mention of sturgeon and caviar found in the works of French and Italian authors - Rabelais, Cervantes, traveler Pierre Belon. In those days, the sturgeon fishery was conducted in the river Danube, the Black and Azov seas and rivers flowing into them. However, caviar was described more as a " gimmick " rather than as a delicacy. It is clear that the recognition of the black caviar back any time soon.

In the XVII-XVIII centuries caviar at all out of fashion: caviar, imported Louis XV Russian ambassador, was not to the taste of the king. Was this hostility political aspect - the history is not known, however, in the West for a long time to a calf treated with some prejudice. In the East - in the Black and Caspian Seas - Russian led intensive fishing of sturgeon. Fishermen ikryanschiki caviar harvested and transported her to the Central Russia. As a national resource, sturgeon, and caviar as in those days were available to citizens of all social strata of Imperial Russia.

Since the beginning of the XIX century in Europe by the industrial fishing of sturgeon and caviar case there is a commercial interest. Sturgeon are beginning to produce in France ( in the Gironde River ), in Germany ( in the Danube River ), and even in the United States, as in the rivers of North America and were carried sturgeon. High European, finally recognized caviar delicacy. The commercial success of caviar industry was assured.

However, connoisseurs recognize that the best in taste given the Caspian sturgeon caviar, especially beluga. Legislator caviar fashion in Europe is considered the " home Petrosyan." He emigrated to France in the early twentieth century, the natives of Azerbaijan Petrosyan brothers brought to Europe a real Caspian caviar. For a long time their company imported caviar from Baku and nurtured a culture of consumption delicacy high society of the Old World.

In the twentieth century, almost a third of the entire coastline of the Caspian Sea is controlled by Iran, while the remaining two-thirds divided between Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, then combined into a single state - the USSR. While the communist state was the successor to Russia for the production and import of caviar, Iran for a long time was not engaged in fishing of sturgeon own. The fact is that Iran - an Islamic country, and Islam as well as Judaism forbids eating fish without scales ( which is for sturgeon ). At the end of XIX century, some Russian companies holding concessions to fish in the territorial waters of Iran. In 1920 was formed a joint Soviet - Iranian enterprise, which gave jobs to the Iranians but produced sturgeon and caviar retreating Soviets. In 1953 he had founded a new fishing Iranian company, which still gave Russia a third of revenues from the production of eggs and fish.

iranOnly after the Iranian revolution of 1979, the situation changed in the country: a special decree of the head of state was allowed to use sturgeon for food. Black Caviar has become a national pride, along with carpets and oil. The country has created a monopoly on the fishing industry in Iran. On a par with the Soviet Union and not depending on him more, Iran is the exporter of black caviar on the world market. Despite the fact that the Iranian-supplied volumes were significantly smaller Russian exports to Iran today remains the single largest exporter of wild sturgeon caviar in the world. After the collapse of the USSR the state has lost control of the fishing industry, which has led to disastrous consequences: poaching and overfishing. While in Iran for poaching law provides for the death penalty in Russia poaching - this underground economy, living under the laws of supply and demand.

Thus, by 2000, the problem of reproduction of sturgeon in the Caspian Sea rose so sharply that it was impossible to solve only with a complete ban on fishing for sturgeon and caviar production, which was done in Russia in 2007. Currently, efforts are really on the reproduction of sturgeon population in the Caspian Sea, so we sincerely hope that this is not the end of the long history of the sturgeon.

Serving Caviar

According to the rules of etiquette, eggs can be served in sundae dish, which is placed on the smallest, Pyrozhkov plate. But this is best done by a specially created for caviar dish - ikornitse . In order to keep the file on the table eggs cold, to prevent it drying out, ikornitsy are often made in the form of two compiled into one another vessel, the smaller of which is filled with caviar, and more - with crushed ice .

As a material for ikornitsy can be used glass, ceramics, metal or even plastic. And yet, ikornitsy, which are a symbol of success and prosperity, most are made of crystal, porcelain or precious metals.

How Much To Serve - really depends on who you are serving it to but figure on 1 ounce per person if serving alone and 1/2 ounce person if serving on top of hors d'oeuvres or garnishes for canapes.

How to Serve It - Keep it simple and let the caviar do the talking. Placing the tin in a bed of crushed ice not only looks elegant, it helps keep the fragile eggs fresh.

Mother-of-pearl spoons - You should only use natural materials for serving caviar like mother-of-pearl, bone, horn because metal will oxidize the caviar when it comes in contact with it.

What to Serve - The classic accompaniments are toast points, potatoes & blini (small pancakes). Sometimes you will find creme fraiche served too. I suggest "less is more". Let the natural briny flavors of the expensive caviar assault your taste buds. Don't cover them up with a bunch of distractions.

caviar bowl k


Exclusive dishes, so it is very common to see ikornitsy handmade designer or instances that have the most extraordinary performance: for example, ikornitsy made in the shape of fish, birds, bears, wicker baskets, crowns, egg on a stand.

champagne k

A glass of champagne with caviar

Some people enjoy a glass of champagne with their caviar. It's up to your personal preferences.

caviar on ice

Keep it cold

Placing the tin in a bed of crushed ice not only looks elegant, it helps keep the fragile eggs fresh.



Tarts can be made of very different test - biscuit, fresh, flaky, sand - it all depends on your imagination. A suit for stuffing and salads and savory pies, and berry jam, custard, and fresh fruit.

Caviar Recipes

caviar crostini

deviled eggs

white tiger

"I am so proud to declare that we have to all chances to became a caviar monopoly. What I have tasted as Arany Caviar Selection comes from Vesto Bekes County Hungary hosting one of the most moderm sturgeon breeding farm even at a European standard."

Ted Aprajev, gastrokiller

"Quality of European standard the egg size of the sturgeon caviar produced here in 3mm, which is considered to be above the average."


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Caviar is one of the main gastronomic – symbols of wealth and prosperity. Feeding calves emphasize the importance of status ana events giving it a festive mood and special sophistication. Surprise your business partners and colleagues refined taste sumptuous feast Queen - caviar.

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Blue Duna Company offer 3 type of sturgeon caviar:


Gentle selected sturgeon caviar from modem aquaculture in Hungary. Made by classic Russian recipe from Tzar Era.

  • 50 grm
  • 125grm
  • 250 grm
  • 500 grm (by order)

Blue Duna Caviar FOR SINGAPORE

Carefully selected sturgeon caviar by eggs size. Country of origin - Hungary. Average egg's size 2,5-3 mm.

  • 50 grm
  • 125grm
  • 250 grm

Blue Duna Caviar FROM ONE FISH

Sturgeon caviar for true gourmet! Caviar, which was produced by ONE SPECIALLY SELECTED FISH only, no mix caviar texture and taste. Egg's size 2,8-3,1.

  • 500 grm (by order)